Wellbeing Audit

Identifying areas for improvement

Our employee wellness programme starts with a wellbeing audit – an in-depth investigation and analysis into emotional intelligence and wellbeing across your organisation.

Using our unique VECE system, we’ll conduct one-to-one interviews with all your employees. We can also provide DISC profiling and analysis which covers behavioural tendencies.

Taking an impartial, independent and confidential approach, we will provide you with a clear picture of the reality of your business as it stands today – identifying strengths and key areas where you can drive improvements.

The VECE System

Our wellbeing audits are underpinned by our VECE system. Using advanced online tools and face to face interviews, our unique process explores four key areas that have a huge impact on the ability of individuals to perform for your business.

  • Values and beliefs – identifying the values and beliefs that are important to your employees, and exploring ways of aligning these with your organisational culture.
  • Emotional wellbeing – measuring the emotional and mental wellbeing of individuals throughout your business
  • Communication – analysing the effectiveness of communication across your organisation
  • Engagement and empowerment – examining employee engagement and how empowered individuals feel within their roles 

Reporting and strategic planning

Once the wellbeing audit process is complete, you will receive an in-depth analysis report, providing management information and powerful business intelligence about the current state of employee wellbeing across your organisation.

We will then work with you to devise a strategic plan, setting out the actions needed to boost employee wellbeing and drive business performance.

Get in touch

For additional information about our employee wellbeing audits and the benefits of the VECE system, or to book an initial meeting, please call our consultancy team today on 01423623641 or email info@aurumgoldltd.co.uk.