Vision & Values

Our principles, philosophy and mission

At AurumGold, our business is built on several guiding principles.

These underpin all our services, inform our practices and act as our guarantee that we will always act in the right way for the benefit of our clients:

  • Commitment – we are dedicated to the improvement of employee wellbeing
  • Honour – respecting everyone, regardless of their abilities, qualities, status or achievements
  • Integrity – showing clients the true picture of how things are, and making recommendations based on facts and the reality of the situation
  • Vulnerability – sharing our story, demonstrating care and working with empathy and compassion
  • Success – enabling employees to thrive in the workplace through positive encouragement and improved wellbeing
  • Passion – unwavering conviction about our ability to make a real, positive difference to individuals and businesses alike

Mission statement

Our mission is to promote emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace. Helping individuals and organisations to perform at their peak, our aim is to inspire a healthier, happier and more engaged working environment.

Vision statement

Our vision is to create healthier and happier working environments where everyone can thrive. To achieve this, we will provide ongoing, holistic care and support for employees and management, for the benefit of everyone.


Our business draws inspiration from Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with golden lacquer. Just as Kintsugi makes the repaired piece more beautiful and stronger than the original, we look to draw upon the hidden gold that lies inside every individual – rebuilding them and inspiring them to become stronger and to achieve their full potential.

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