Triage, Support and Specialist Training

Targeted wellbeing support for your people

In any organisation, your people are your biggest asset. If the individuals in your business are not in the right place emotionally and mentally, they will never perform to their full potential.

Where we identify individuals that need immediate help or support, we will work with them, providing first line support, teaching them techniques to manage stress and anxiety, and referring them to the right specialists where required.

From mental trauma to recovery

As qualified Mental Health First Aiders, we specialise in supporting individuals coping with mild to moderate forms of mental and emotional trauma.

Teaching techniques and providing the tools needed to help them self-regulate, manage stress, handle anxiety and build resilience – we will start the journey to recovery. Where we believe that individuals require more in-depth, specialist support, we will refer them to trusted professionals.

The ultimate goal is to help them understand their value, whilst becoming stronger, more positive and more engaged, so they can perform for your business.

Specialist support and training

As part of the service, we can recommend, source, arrange and manage specialist, industry-specific wellbeing, communication, team building and leadership training to suit the requirements of your business.

Tailored to suit the findings of our wellbeing audit, specialist training can help to unlock the potential of your teams.

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