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The route to a happier, healthier and more productive business

At AurumGold, we enhance business performance, productivity and profitability by improving emotional health, wellbeing, communication and employee engagement.

Utilising a proven system of profiling, auditing, training, development and coaching, we work to unlock the potential of your people, enabling individuals to perform at their peak for the benefit of your organisation.

Our service includes:

Wellbeing Audit

Get a clear picture of wellbeing in your business and the impact it has on your organisation. Carrying out face to face interviews with your team utilising our unique VECE system, we will generate a powerful business intelligence report, before developing a clear strategy for business improvement. We also offer DISC profiling, identifying behavioural tendencies to help improve communication and team building across your business.

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Training and Development

Implement effective training programmes to empower your teams and benefit your business. Providing tailored training to meet the needs identified by our wellness audit, we’ll give your teams the skills they need to develop emotional intelligence, whilst improving communication, leadership, management and conflict resolution.

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Triage, Support and Specialist Training

Tackle problem areas, support individuals and build the skills you need to develop wellbeing in your business. From Mental Health First Aid and helping individuals to manage stress and anxiety, to arranging and managing specialist industry training, we’ll give your team the skills and techniques they need to perform at their peak.

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Enhance the emotional intelligence, awareness and business behaviour of your management teams for the benefit of your whole organisation. Through regular, one-to-one coaching, we’ll help your key personnel to drive change, empower employees, build winning teams and boost business performance.

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Our brochure gives you some idea of the work we do. Because we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, if you don’t see what you are looking for please do contact us: AurumGold Brochure

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