Emotional Health and safety in the workplace

Prevention is better than cure



Spring is here and with it very often comes the desire to tidy up the garden. Then comes applying fresh coats of paint and paper to our homes.

There is a sense of hope for the future, days are getting longer and the sun, when it appears is a little warmer.

Hope is a very important aspect of emotional health. At work we very often have achievements in mind which will bring about greater return on our time and financial investment.

Building stronger relationships at work and at home. Hope. The road seems clear ahead.

Road Block


Why are their road blocks? The way ahead can seem difficult to negotiate. People don’t seem to understand, are not communicating clearly, are acting differently to what they said they would do, which leads to frustration and confusion.

Then comes the temptation to blame others, whilst trying to make personal adjustments.

Hope is diminishing unfortunately. The careful balance between dealing with the challenges and maintaining a positive hope for the future, is starting to tip in the negative direction.

If this remains tipped negatively for long periods, stress and fear for the future leads to anxiety and depression.

Common Scenarios


Hope for the future

These are common scenarios. We can experience these same emotions in other environments too. However, if prevention had been in place, how would the situation have felt? Safe. Hope for the future is still in place too.

If preventative measures are being adopted throughout the company, individuals can work safely and effectively.

Health and safety practical measures are part of life now. We put on protective clothing to dig the garden, paint the house, go outside into the cold etc.

However, the insidious, often silent killer to our emotional health, is allowed to run free throughout our work environments, without protection being in place.

Emotional Protection

What is this emotional protection? Clear, honest communication, healthy boundaries, setting a healthy culture through guidelines, to which all are held accountable.

Another way of looking at it is setting the rules for the game. If there is agreement to the cultural terms, based on values, there can be accountability and safety, for all employees.

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