Developing backbone – Resilience within Sales

To remain resilient and empathetic despite change, rejection and emotional trauma, requires tenacity.

We don’t know our own strength until faced with hard challenges.

First hand experience

Having received my training in Sales I went to see my first prospective customer. The meeting started well, and having gained rapport, I started to ask some probing questions.

"I was totally shocked by the response."

The prospective customer was offended by my asking direct probing questions and shouted at me.

I was shocked and upset so quickly calmed the situation down by changing the subject, we could then part company on positive terms.

Resilience within sales


Keep Going

As I left I thought, ‘if I can survive that, I can survive anything’. I did not realise how tenacious and resilient I would need to be.

Learning to listen can be difficult, as your mind can be filled with your own thoughts, needs of the company, yourself, facts and opinions.

"Its like learning to drive, whilst juggling many pieces of information, and remaining calm."

When something negative happens in our relationships we have a choice, do we move away from the person, or do we learn something about ourselves first.

"Watch that you don’t take the victim or martyr stance."

I took a step back and examined how I had approached my customer. There was respect and a degree of rapport gained, but I needed to watch more closely and see the response to what I was asking.

Developing empathy

Workplace empathy empowers a persons resilience

Workplace empathy

Empathy for people is crucial. They are not a flat screen and have an important life to live, as do we

all. Unfortunately, in my fresh- faced enthusiasm, I had an us and them approach, which was never going to create the win win relationship I needed to foster.

Empathy creates the environment where each person is valued...

In my role as a representative, I developed this approach, by highly valuing the person and the relationship. In addition my supporting actions showed that I valued them, this reinforced what was agreed.

Creating a positive change in each persons’ life,  you cause a win win then sales follow.

What’s your sales force like?

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