It’s Good to Talk

It's Good to Talk

It’s Good to Talk

  • Come and sit with me, let’s talk…..
  • What’s on your mind?
  • Tell me the situation/challenge that is bothering you most….

How pleasant it would be if we could stop and talk and unpack our deepest concerns. This is one of the most important things we can do.

When the pressure is high, and much is required of us, taking time to talk gives us an oasis in the desert. It allows us SPACE to think.

Some of us are external processors, both men and women, and being able to tackle the tasks in hand we need someone who will listen so that we can create order.

Some people are internal processors and to talk would disrupt our ability to think.

Tackling Stress

We also tackle stress differently. There can be good stress which helps us get the task in hand achieved, this adds to us. For example, at this time of year there may be work deadlines we would like to achieve before we finish for our holiday.

Achieving a good goal can be very rewarding.

However, there is the bad kind of stress which can take from us. It comes in many guises – worry, fear, feeling het-up, panic etc.

Now is the time to take action and step back from the situation. The emotion is real and to act on it is tempting, however, a good question to ask is, will it achieve the best outcome?

Emotional intelligence is grabbing hold of that feeling and making it obey us, rather than we obey it. Once we have the emotion (anxiety, worry etc) under control don’t ignore it, it is there for a reason.


Take care of yourself

What it may be telling us right now, for example; are we taking care of ourselves physically, spending time with people who are positive towards us, being positive towards others on purpose? How honest have we been with ourselves?

You need to be ruthlessly honest

Sometimes writing our thoughts down first helps. Take time out of the situation to reflect. We are important and what we do and say is important too.

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